• Fixed problem trying to call QLineEdit.setPlaceholderText within Nuke.

  • Gaffer.BlockedConnection now supports reentrancy, with the connection only becoming unblocked when the outermost block has been exited.

  • Fixed bug which prevented selection using the up/down cursor keys from working in the PathChooserWidget.

  • ImageGadgets now have a linear to srgb conversion applied when they are drawn. This means they now match the Image widget behaviour.

  • PathChooserWidget and PathChooserDialogue now accept a new allowMultipleSelection argument to the constructor. Use the new PathChooserDialogue.waitForPaths() method to wait for paths selected in this way.

  • VectorDataWidget has a new protected _createRows() method which may be overridden by derived classes to customise the addition of new rows. The PathVectorDataWidget implements this by displaying a dialogue where the user may select multiple paths to be added. This improves the parameter ui for PathVectorParameters.