• PrimitiveInspector : Added new editor panel for inspecting the values of all primitive variables associated with the object at the selected location (#2863).


  • Fixed FilterSwitch compatibility within boxes (#2866).

  • SceneWriter : Fixed unnecessary messages about unsupported features from the Alembic writer (#2865).

  • USD : Fixed python errors due to clashing symbols (#2837).


  • VectorDataWidget (#2863) :

    • Added horizontal/verticalScrollMode constructor arguments.

    • Added set/getHeader() accessors.

    • Fixed various issues with the header and tooltips.

    • Restricted column tooltips to the header.

    • Added alternating column background colours.

    • Added support for many new data types (eg vectors, matrices, boxes, quats, char, short).

  • GafferUI : Moved ScrollMode enum from ScrolledContainer to Enums (backwards compatibility is provided) (#2863).