• Added visualisation of clipping colours in the image viewer (#572).


  • Boxes now export all non-hidden plugs for referencing. Prior to this they only exported “in”, “out” and user plugs.

  • Fixed unwanted plug promotion when nesting Boxes inside Boxes.


  • Fixed Subtree update problem.

  • Added enabling/disabling support to SceneTimeWarp and SceneContextVariables.

  • Added a SceneSwitch node. This can be used to choose between different scene hierarchies.

  • Added a ShaderSwitch node. This can be used to switch between different shaders being fed into a ShaderAssignment. It is also compatible with RenderMan coshaders, so can be used to switch between different coshaders in a network.


  • Added a Clamp node

  • Fixed bug in Display node which caused problems when using multiple Displays at once.

  • Added ImageTimeWarp, ImageContextVariables and ImageSwitch nodes - these are equivalent to their Scene module counterparts.


  • Added missing IntrusivePtr typedefs to GafferImage

  • Added RecursionPredicate to FilteredRecursiveChildIterator. This allows the definition of iterators which automatically prune the recursion based on some condition.

  • Redefined RecursivePlugIterators so that they do not recurse into nested nodes - instead they just visit all the plugs of the parent node.

  • Improved Node::plugSetSignal() behaviour. The signal is now emitted for all the outputs of the plug being set in addition to the source plug - otherwise plugSetSignal() could not be used effectively for plugs which had been promoted to Box level.

  • Renamed SceneContextProcessorBase to SceneMixinBase.


  • Fixed build for Ubuntu 12.04.

  • Updated public build to use Arnold 4.1.

  • Removed OIIO versioning workaround - previously we had to rename the OIIO library to avoid conflicts with Arnold, but since Arnold 4.1 such conflicts no longer exist.

  • Updated default boost version to 1.51.0.

  • Added dependenciesPackage build target. This can be used to make a package of prebuilt dependencies to seed a build. from.

  • Updated default Cortex version to 8.0.0b5.