• ExecutableNodes now accept Boxes as requirements inputs and outputs.

  • Dispatchers accept Boxes for direct dispatching (#925).

  • Added SystemCommand executable node.

  • Optimised plug dirty propagation.

  • Added matchMultiple() function to StringAlgo.h.


  • Renamed Displays node to Outputs. Also changed “label” plug to “name” and the old “name” plug to “fileName” (#54).

  • Fixed dirty propagation bug in Outputs node.

  • Added an outputOutputs() method to RendererAlgo.h, so outputOptions() need only output actual options.

  • Added DeleteGlobals node.

  • Added DeleteOutputs node.

  • Added DeleteOptions node (#965).

  • Added wildcard matching to DeleteAttributes and DeletePrimitiveVariables.

  • Prefixed options in scene globals with “option:”.

  • Added global mode to Attributes node, which places the attributes in the globals (with “attribute:” prefixes).

  • Updated render nodes to support global attributes.

  • Added global attribute support to SceneProcedural (#964).

  • Fixed RendererAlgo outputScene() to include coordinate systems.


  • Added Outputs section to the SceneInspector (#921).

  • Updated SceneInspector to display global attributes.

  • Fixed display of single empty bounding box in SceneInspector.


  • Added FrameBegin/FrameEnd in RIBs generated by RenderManRender (#358). Requires Cortex 9.0.0-a5.


  • Fixed default arguments for OSL In* and Out* shaders.


  • Set default compiler optimisation level to -O3.

  • Added missing OSL, OIIO, OCIO includes to the dependency package.

  • Clang compatibility fixes.