• Fixed a bug which prevented keypresses in GadgetWidget from being propagated to the parent widget if they were not processed by the GadgetWidget.

  • Can now exit full screen mode by hitting Escape.

  • OpDialogue.waitForResult() now never returns Exceptions if execution fails. Instead it gives the user the chance to try again or cancel.

  • CompoundParameterValueWidget and CompoundVectorParameterValueWidget now support the [“UI”][“collapsible”] and [“UI”][“collapsed”] parameter userData. The collapsible argument to the constructor now defaults to None, it can be specified explicitly as True or False to override the userData request.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the GafferUI.Widget owner for empty QTabWidgets from being found with PyQt4. This caused errors during event handling.

  • The Widget.setVisible() and Widget.getVisible() methods have been modified to match the behaviour of Widget.setEnabled() and Widget.getEnabled(), and an addition Widget.visible() method has been introduced to query visibility relative to an ancestor. See documentation for further details.

  • Added SplitContainer getSizes(), setSizes() and handle() methods. See documentation for details.

  • ListContainer.init() orientation parameter now defaults to vertical.

  • CompoundEditor now provides dynamic behaviour for expanding and collapsing child editors. Hit space to expand the current editor one level, double space for two levels and so on. Space then collapses back one level, double space two levels and so on. When an editor is fully collapsed, hovering over the splitter handle will dynamically show it.