• Fixed ComputeNodeWrapper exception handling.


  • Fixed GafferUI crashes seen at Python shutdown.

  • Added support for hiding some fields of CompoundNumericPlugValueWidgets.

  • Update DispatcherUI; can dispatch box with promoted requirement.

  • Fixed crashes when deleting a node immediately after it errored.


  • Fixed light visibility bug.

  • Fixed coordinate system visibility bug.

  • Added visible() function to SceneAlgo.h.

  • Added GL FacingRatio shader


  • Added “vector2” widget annotation support for RenderMan shaders.


  • Stopped installing the python module by default

  • Moved installDir to /tmp for local IE builds.

  • Fixed release script to ignore GAFFER_OPTIONS_FILE environment variable.

  • Updated IE publicDependenciesBuild script.

  • Enabled testing of UI modules on Travis CI.

  • Added debug output to installDependencies.py.