• Tools Menu : Added item to populate the Arnold GPU cache, which may improve startup times for GPU renders.


  • Viewer : Tool hotkeys now work as toggles for non-exclusive tools. This is currently noticeable on the Camera Tool - pressing T again will deactivate it.

  • ArnoldShader and ArnoldLight : Added activators and sections to the UI.

  • ImageWriter : Options are only displayed for the file format being written. If the extension is unknown, all format options are shown.

  • Light Editor : Added keyboard shortcuts for selected light.

    • Alt+E : Edit source node.

    • Shift+Alt+E : Edit tweaks node.

  • Edit Menu : Added item to rename one or more selected nodes, with accompanying keyboard shortcut (#4286).

  • Box : Rename plug dialogue now ensures names are valid as they are typed.


  • ArnoldMeshLight : Fixed illumination from textured mesh lights. This was broken in


  • ArnoldShader : Added support for gaffer.layout.activator and gaffer.layout.visibilityActivator in .mtd files.

  • PlugLayout : User interface sections are now hidden if all plugs in that section are hidden.