• AttributeTweaks : Added node to tweak scene location attributes.


  • ShaderQuery and ShaderTweaks : Improved labels of menu items that open shader browsers by adding “…” to the item name.


  • SetFilter : Fixed missing set names in setExpression context menu. Sets were being listed for nodes directly connected to the filter, but not for nodes downstream of an intermediate filter such as a UnionFilter (#2678).

  • Fixed NameValue plugs having a delete menu item in their popup menu when they shouldn’t. This was broken in

  • PythonEditor : Fixed autocompletion errors triggered by dictionaries with non-string keys.

  • ColorChooserPlugValueWidget/ColorSwatchPlugValueWidget : Fixed handling of errors when computing the plug value.

  • PlugAlgo : Fixed crash in setValueFromData() when setting the value of a BoxPlug (other than a Box2iPlug).


  • TweakPlug : Added functor-based variation of applyTweak allowing greater control of how users get and set the data being tweaked. TweaksPlug::applyTweaks now uses that method and can be used as a reference implementation.

  • ColorChooser/ColorSwatch : Added setErrored() and getErrored() methods.