• Reverted cyclic connection check on plug connection

  • Reduced hash cache clearing frequency to speed up instancing.


  • Fixed labelling of renamed plugs which had a custom label. The label is now removed by the rename operation (#1635).


  • Improved set performance and memory usage significantly for all node types (#1623).

  • Added a MeshToPoints node (#1640).

  • Added sets support in the Duplicate node (#1623).


  • Added support for motion blur, courtesy of Cortex 9.7.0.


  • Fixed python bindings to accept any iterable where previously only lists were accepted (#1634).

  • ScriptWindow

    • Added createIfNecessary argument to ScriptWindow.acquire() (#1639).

  • NameLabel (#1635)

    • Exposed default formatter.

    • Deprecated setText().

  • PathMatcher (#1623)

    • Reimplemented using lazy-copy-on-write sharing.

    • Added addPaths() overload with prefix path.

    • Added subTree() method.

    • Added RawIterator find( path ) method.


  • Updated release builds to Cortex 9.7.0.

  • Updated OCIO build to be compatible with Maya. It should now be possible to run a standard Gaffer build from within Maya.


  • PathMatcher binary compatibility changes.