• Fixed hangs introduced in These were seen when stopping Appleseed renders and when ganging plugs in Caribou.

  • Fixed thread-related crashes introduced in These have not been observed in the wild, but caused intermittent failures in the unit tests.


  • Improved error messages output by OpDialogue.

  • Fixed unwanted auto-expansion in SceneHierarchy panel.


  • Added current scene location to error messages emitted by SceneProcedural.

  • Reduced memory usage for sets by 10%.

  • Optimised set computations. This reduces globals computation time for a complex production scene by 60%.

  • Fixed PathFilter wildcard matching bug.


  • Added metadata presets support for color and point parameters.


  • Added iterators to GafferScene::PathMatcher.

  • Added GafferUI.EditMenu.selectionAvailable() method.