• Added Image Catalogue node (#2077)

    • Key features include:

      • Loading, exporting, removing, and renaming images on disk.

      • Receiving renders from an InteractiveRender node, automatically combining multiple AOVs into a single image stream.

      • Snapshot (copying) images, including in-progress renders.

      • Adding notes to images.

      • Drag ‘n’ drop of any other image node into the image list to snapshot it and add it to the catalogue.


  • OSL ShadingEngine : Added ‘shading:index’ special attr to getattribute (#2067)

    • This can be used to fetch the index of the current shading point.


  • BoxIO : Fixed setup() to deal with non-serialisable plugs (#2081)

  • DebugDispatcher : Fixed naming bug when creating nodes inside other nodes (#2073)

  • Plug : Fixed bug whereby non-serialisable children were serialised (#2077)


  • Display : Added setDriver/getDriver mechanism (#2077)

  • PathBinding : Added bindings for pathChangedSignalCreated and havePathChangedSignal (#2077)