• Fixed LocalDispatcher to quote command line arguments and ignore “ui:” prefixed context variables.

  • Avoiding shell subprocess for Local Jobs stats.

  • LocalDispatcher now just constructs a Job and lets it do the heavy lifting

  • Fixed bug where script context changes could leak into local background dispatches.

  • added python error catching to ConnectionBinding, to prevent crashes

  • Fixed serialization bug with extra plugs on references

  • Dispatcher::frameRange() is now public and virtual.


  • Menu widget: Added support for icons

  • Disabled Kill button when no jobs are selected.

  • Job details tab is scrollable and resizable.

  • Fixed context errors in teh scene inspector

  • Added button to remove failed jobs.

  • Preventing update error for deleted display node.

  • Adding support for icons in menus


  • Preventing OIIO error overflow crash