• Arnold backend : Added support for adding arbitrary parameters to the Arnold options by using a CustomOptions node to create options prefixed with “ai:declare:” (#1911).

  • ArnoldOptions : Added AA_seed. If not specified, this defaults to the current frame (#1913).

  • Expression : Added support for PathMatcherDataPlugs in python expressions. In particular this allows the FilterResults node to be used as an input to an expression (#1915).

  • Documentation : Added Expression reference (#1918).


  • Dispatcher

    • Fixed GIL management bug which could cause deadlock if pre/post dispatch slots launched threads that attempt to use Python (#1916).

    • Fixed UI bug in frame range field (#1917).

  • Reference : Reconnect outputs from any plugs.


  • Menu : Added support for functools.partial in “active” and “checkBox” fields (#1914).

  • NodeGraph : Added support for “nodeGraph:childrenViewable” metadata. This controls whether the subgraph of a node is accessible via the “Show Contents…” menu item and the cursor down keypress (#1914).

  • PathMatcher/PathMatcherData : Added Python repr support (#1915).