• BleedFill : Added new image node to fill areas with zero alpha by bleeding in colours from adjacent image regions (#2909).

  • Rectangle : Added new image node to annotate rectangular regions of an image (#2912).


  • Light linking (#2875) :

    • Added a “defaultLights” set for use in light linking set expressions.

    • Added a “defaultLight” plug to all Light nodes, to control membership in the “defaultLights” set.

    • Significantly optimised the processing of light links in Gaffer and in the Arnold renderer backend.

  • Viewer : “userDefault” metadata can now be used to configure the default settings for Views (#2893).

  • PythonCommand/SystemCommand : Empty commands are now ignored (#2896).

  • SceneWriter : Added support for subclassing in Python (#2901).

  • Checkerboard : Improved performance (#2912).


  • SceneInspector : Fixed bug which caused sections to be disabled (#2903).

  • Layout Menu : Fixed clashes between custom layout names and standard menu items. For instance, previously you could save a layout called “Delete” and it would mean that the standard “Delete” submenu was no longer available (#2899).

  • Grade : Fixed bug that caused clamping to be ignored if the other settings were at default values (#2908).

  • CompoundDataPlug/ValuePlug : Fixed GIL management bugs which could cause Gaffer to hang (#2907).