A tool to generate documentation screengrabs.


Prints names and descriptions of each parameter rather than running the application.


The maximum number of threads used for computation. The default value of zero causes the number of threads to be chosen automatically based on the available hardware.


If this is specified, then the application is run using the cProfile profiling module, and the results saved to the file for later examination.


The gfr script to load


Where to save the resulting image


A list of nodes to select.


The name of an editor to screengrab. If not specified, the whole window will be grabbed.


Whether to the panel surrounding an editor, or just the editor contents itself.


Parameters that configure NodeEditors.


Parameters that configure PythonEditors.


Parameters that configure Viewers.


Parameters that configure GraphEditors.


Parameters that configure the scene.


Command to execute after session is launched. A ‘script’ variable provides access to the root ScriptNode.


File containing sequence of commands to execute after session is launched.


A delay between setting up the script and grabbing the image.