• LightTool :

    • Added manipulator for disk and point light radii.

    • Added manipulators for cylinder length and radius.

  • Tools Menu : Added “Metadata/Clean Up” menu item to optimise file size by removing redundant metadata.


  • CollectScenes : Improved performance when computing sets, with a 3x speedup being seen in one particular benchmark.

  • LightTool : Changed spot light and quad light edge tooltip locations so that they follow the cone and edge during drag.

  • Arnold : Improved speed of translation of encapsulated scenes when using many threads.

  • CollectImages : Added addLayerPrefix plug, to allow the layer prefix to be omitted in the case that the input images are already prefixed.

  • OSL Expression : Added support for getting an element of an array context variable using contextElement( variableName, index ) or contextElement( variableName, index, defaultValue ). Negative indices can be used to get elements relative to the end of the array.


  • ValuePlug : Fixed hangs and poor performance caused by plugs depending on upstream plugs with an identical hash (#4978).

  • Filter : Fixed bug which allowed the scene:path context variable to “leak” upstream via the Filter.enabled plug. This caused unnecessary evaluations of the input, and also provided a loophole via which the filter result could be made inconsistent with respect to descendant and ancestor matches.

  • Windows :

    • Fixed a bug preventing anything except strings from being copied and pasted.

    • Fixed likely cause of crash when resizing Spreadsheet column width (#5296).

  • Reference : Fixed rare reloading error.

  • PlugLayout : Fixed lack of update when layout:customWidget:* metadata changes.

  • Dispatch app : Removed unnecessary and misleading “Execute” button.

  • SceneAlgo : Fixed history queries for ScenePlug.object in networks with nodes derived from ObjectProcessor. These include : CameraTweaks, ClosestPointSampler, CollectPrimitiveVariables, CopyPrimitiveVariables, CurveSampler, DeleteCurves, DeleteFaces, DeletePoints, MapOffset, MapProjection, MeshDistortion, MeshNormals, MeshSegments, MeshTangents, MeshToPoints, MeshType, Orientation, PointsType, PrimitiveSampler, PrimitiveVariables, ReverseWinding, ShufflePrimitiveVariables and UVSampler (#5406).

  • Metadata : Fixed redundant copying of metadata when promoting plugs.

  • OpenColorIO : Fixed hang when opening a script which didn’t yet have the openColorIO.config plug.

  • Context : Fixed bug preventing the retrieval of V2iVectorData, V2fVectorData, V3iVectorData and V3fVectorData from a context.


  • Process : Added acquireCollaborativeResult() method, providing an improved mechanism for multiple threads to collaborate on TBB tasks spawned by a single process they all depend on.

  • ValuePlug : Added Default CachePolicy and deprecated Standard, TaskIsolation and Legacy policies.

  • Metadata :

    • Added RegistrationTypes enum that allows the different types of registrations to be identified.

    • Added improved registeredValues() and value() overloads that provide finer-grained queries based on the type of registration.

    • Deprecated instanceOnly and persistentOnly arguments in favour of new registrationTypes arguments.

    • Prevented renameable and deletable metadata from being copied during plug promotion.

  • MetadataAlgo : Added deregisterRedundantValues() method.


  • Cortex : Updated to version