Runs shell commands in the Gaffer environment (after the Gaffer wrapper has been run), so they have access to all the libraries and modules available within Gaffer.

This is useful for running the binary utilities supplied with Gaffer, or for running python scripts which need to import Gaffer’s python modules.

Usage :

gaffer env [name=value ...] [utility [argument ...]]

Examples :

gaffer env maketx input.exr
gaffer env python script.py


Prints names and descriptions of each parameter rather than running the application.


The maximum number of threads used for computation. The default value of zero matches the number of threads to the available hardware cores. Negative values specify a thread count relative to the available cores, leaving some in reserve for other applications. Positive values specify the thread count explicitly, but are clamped so it does not exceed the available cores.


If this is specified, then the application is run using the cProfile profiling module, and the results saved to the file for later examination.


A series of optional name=value environment variable specifications, followed by the command to execute.