Schedules execution of task graphs on the local machine. Tasks may be dispatched in the background to keep the UI responsive.


Container for user-defined plugs. Nodes should never make their own plugs here, so users are free to do as they wish.


Determines the active frame range to be dispatched as follows :

  • CurrentFrame uses the current timeline frame only.

  • FullRange uses the outer handles of the timeline (i.e. the full range of the script).

  • CustomRange uses a user defined range, as specified by the frameRange plug.


The frame range to be used when framesMode is “CustomRange”.


A descriptive name for the job.


A directory to store temporary files used by the dispatcher.


Executes the dispatched tasks in separate processes via a background thread.


Ignores errors loading the script when executing in the background. This is not recommended - fix the problem instead.


Optional system command to modify the environment when launching tasks in the background. Background tasks are launched in a separate process using a gaffer execute ... command, and they inherit the environment from the launching process. When an environment command is specified, tasks are instead launched using environmentCommand gaffer execute ..., and the environment command is responsible for modifying the inherited environment and then launching gaffer execute ....

For example, the following environment command will use the standard /usr/bin/env program to set some custom variables :

/usr/bin/env FOO=BAR TOTO=TATA