• TweakPlug : Added new tweak modes.

    • Min : Resulting value will be the lesser of the existing value and the tweak value. For values with multiple components, such as Color3f, each component is compared individually.

    • Max : Same as Min except the resulting value is the greater of the existing value and the tweak value.

    • ListAppend : Values in the tweak list are added to the end of the existing list. If a value is in both the existing list and the tweak list, it is removed from the existing list before being added.

    • ListPrepend : Same as ListAppend except the tweak list is added to the beginning of the existing list.

    • ListRemove : Values in the tweak list are removed from the existing list.

  • Added horizontal scroll bars to the Light Editor, Scene Inspector and Shader Browser when their content is too wide to fit within the widget.


  • LightEditor :

    • Fixed error when pressing Return or Enter with no cells selected.

    • Fixed error when double-clicking the Name column.

  • Catalogue :

    • Fixed bug that prevented saving of images.

    • Fixed bugs in column listing for multi-view images.

  • ShaderQuery and ShaderTweaks : Fixed error TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len() when clicking “Input” column of a shader row.

  • OSLObject/OSLImage : Fixed bug which resulted in undefined values for derivatives.