Searches an input scene for all locations matched by a filter.


This can be an arbitrarily expensive operation depending on the size of the input scene and the filter used. In particular it should be noted that the usage of ... in a PathFilter will cause the entire input scene to be searched even if there are no matches to be found.


Container for user-defined plugs. Nodes should never make their own plugs here, so users are free to do as they wish.


The scene to be searched for matching locations.


The filter to be used when searching for matching locations.


Isolates the search to this location and its descendants.


The results of the search, as an IECore::PathMatcher object. This is most useful for performing hierarchical queries and for iterating through the paths without an expensive conversion to strings.


The results of the search, converted to a list of strings. This is useful for connecting directly to other plugs, such as Wedge.strings or CollectScenes.rootNames.