• Arnold : Added support for Arnold 7.2.

  • PointsToLevelSet : Added a new node for converting points primitives into OpenVDB level sets.


  • ArnoldOptions : Exposed Arnold’s Global Light Sampling feature via a new lightSamples plug.

  • ArnoldAttributes : Added shadowAutoBumpVisibility plug, since Arnold now correctly implements this feature.

  • Shader : Added support for shading input connections to splines. After double clicking on a spline to open the editor, you may select a control point, and then drag an input to the value control. Works in GafferImage, GafferObject and Arnold. Supports a max of 32 values in the spline.

  • FloatSpline and ColorSpline OSL shaders : Added a direction parameter, with options of U, V, Diagonal, Radial and Custom.

  • Constraint : Disabled the referenceFrame plug in the NodeEditor when keepReferencePosition is off.


  • OSLObject/OSLImage : Fixed missing + buttons in GraphEditor on Windows (#5222).

  • Viewer : Fixed missing VDB visualisations on Windows (#5223).

  • SceneReader : Fixed reading of USD primitives containing primvars:normals. These are now correctly loaded as a primitive variable called N, taking precedence over the UsdGeomPointBased normals attribute.

  • SceneWriter : Fixed writing of indexed normals to USD files, so that the indexing is retained on load. Note that this means that normals are now always written as primvars:normals and never via the UsdGeomPointBased normals attribute.

  • CompoundDataPlugValueWidget : Fixed bug which prevented the addition of new plugs when an existing plug had an input connection. This affected the ContextVariables, CustomOptions and CustomAttributes nodes, among others.


  • NoduleLayout : Added a warning message when a required custom gadget has not been registered.

  • GafferUITest.TestCase : Added testing of NodeGadgets to assertNodeUIsHaveExpectedLifetime().

  • SceneView : Added Python binding for resolutionGate() method.

  • ViewportGadget : Added Python binding for RasterScope class.

  • OSLShader : Added support for visibleExpression and enabledExpression metadata in OSL shaders. These may provide an OSL expression to control the activation of parameters in Gaffer’s node editor.


  • Cortex : Updated to version


  • Updated the “Anamorphic Camera Setup” example to use Cycles instead of Appleseed.

  • Updated the “Contact Sheet Generation” example to use Cycles instead of Appleseed.

  • Updated the “Macbeth Chart” example to use Cycles instead of Appleseed.

  • Updated the “Per-location Light Tweak Spreadsheet” example to use Cycles instead of Appleseed.

  • Updated the “Wedge Tests” example to use Cycles instead of Appleseed.

  • Updated the “Setting Up a Spreadsheet” tutorial to use Cycles instead of Appleseed.