• LightTool : Added manipulator for quad lights.

  • Collect : Added a utility node for collecting the values of arbitrary inputs across a range of contexts.


  • Viewer :

    • Added visualisation of light filters for USD lights.

    • Added support for USD lights and shaders in the floating inspector panel.

    • Improved support for looking through USD spot lights.

  • ShaderTweaks/ShaderQuery : Added presets for USD light and surface shaders.

  • Test app :

    • The -category argument now accepts a space-separated list of categories, optionally containing wildcards.

    • Added -excludedCategories and -showCategories arguments.

    • Added information about performance test timings to the output stream.

  • LightToCamera : Added support for USD spot lights.


  • Viewer :

    • Fixed crash when visualising lights with a light filter intended for a different renderer.

    • Fixed visualisation of Cycles point light size.

    • Fixed visualisation of Arnold light gobo textures with scaled UV coordinates.

  • Arnold :

    • Fixed screen window export for Lentil cameras.

    • Fixed writing of image metadata for empty strings and strings containing spaces. This fixes the malformed line "string 'gaffer:context:ocio:config'" warning.

  • Application : Fixed the -threads argument to clamp the number of threads to the number of available hardware cores (#5403).

  • CompareFloat, CompareColor, CompareVector : Worked around crashes in OSL’s batched shading system (#5430).

  • PlugValueWidget : Fixed search for auxiliary plugs of output plugs. In this case, the inputs are now searched instead of the outputs.

  • GafferUI : Fixed TableView bug causing the horizontal scrollbar to potentially overlap the last row (#5328).

  • Dispatch App : Fixed bug that prevented setting specific dispatcher plug values from the command line (#5434).


  • ThreadMonitor : Added new class for tracking the threads used to perform processes.

  • PlugAlgo : Added findSource() method.

  • TestRunner :

    • Added CategorisedTestMethod decorator used to assign categories to test methods.

    • Added categories() static method to return the list of available categories in a test suite.

    • Added filterCategories() static method to skip tests according to included and excluded categories.


  • Removed release notes for versions prior to