• SetEditor : Added a new editor UI for inspecting sets. This can be found in the tab next to the SceneInspector in the Standard layouts. Sets are displayed hierarchically using “:” characters in set names as separators.

  • ImageToPoints : Added a new node for converting images to points primitives.

  • MeshSplit : Added node for splitting a mesh into multiple meshes based on the values of a primitive variable. May be combined with the recently added MeshSegments to split meshes into connected parts.


  • USD : Added translation of UsdUVTexture’s scale, bias and fallback parameters to Arnold.

  • StringPlugValueWidget : Added support for converting StringVectorData values pasted or dropped onto the widget. The string value is formed by joining the string array using spaces.

  • Spreadsheet : Improved support for converting StringVectorData to StringData when dropping values on cells. The string value is formed by joining the string array using spaces.

  • CompoundPathFilter : Canceller is now passed to member filters.

  • PathListingWidget : Improved performance when sorting items based on the name column.

  • Scene : Improved performance computing the bounding box for a primitive.

  • aiQuadLight : Added width and height parameters.


  • Locale :

    • Reintroduced LC_NUMERIC=C environment variable assignment to wrapper. This was removed in but is still necessary due to a bug in Cortex.

    • Fixed serialisation of .gfr files in locales with non-default numeric formatting (#5158).

  • Tweak nodes : Fixed bugs which prevented the creation of new tweaks when an existing tweak had an input connection.

  • Preferences : Fixed bug which caused UI metadata to be serialised unnecessarily into ~/gaffer/startup/gui/preferences.py.

  • OpenGL Texture shader : Fixed bug which allowed transparent regions to obscure objects behind them.

  • Viewer :

    • Fixed visualisation of Arnold image nodes with non-default UV Coordinates settings.

    • Fixed Arnold selection bugs caused by the ai:fis_filter option.

  • SceneReader : Invalid primitive variables in USD files are now skipped during loading, with a warning being emitted instead.

  • DeleteFaces : Fixed sudivision crease handling bug.

  • USD RectLight : Fixed the orientation of textures applied to the light to be oriented with the top-left of the image at the top-left of the quad light when viewed from an object receiving illumination.


  • Added more Python examples to the Scripting Reference “Common Operations” article.

  • Added instructions for installing and configuring Gaffer on Windows to the “Getting Started” guide.


  • RGBAChannelsPlugValueWidget : Added support for rgbaChannelsPlugValueWidget:allowNone metadata.


  • Cortex : Updated to version

  • Added support for Inkscape versions greater than 1.0.