• Rename : Added a new node for renaming scene locations (#1201).

  • LookTransform : Added a new node for applying OpenColorIO looks to images.


  • SplinePlug : Added Constant interpolation mode.

  • SceneReader : Added reading of more Alembic GeomParam types. Specifically unsigned char, uint16, int16 and uint32 GeomParams are loaded as UCharVectorData, UShortVectorData, ShortVectorData and UIntVectorData PrimitiveVariables respectively.

  • SceneWriter : Added writing of more Alembic GeomParam types, mirroring the improved reading mentioned above.

  • Light Editor : Added the ability to select linked objects and to delete lights. Both commands can can be accessed by right-clicking a light name and selecting either ‘Select Linked Objects’ or ‘Delete’.

  • Graph Editor : When changing the root of the Graph Editor (such as entering or exiting a Box), framing is now restored specifically for the current Graph Editor. Previously, a single framing history was used for all Graph Editors.


  • GraphEditor : Fixed handling of errors on Dot.labelType and Dot.label plugs.

  • EditScope : Fixed mislocated plug nodules when connecting a new EditScope to a BoxIn, BoxOut or Box node.

  • Backdrop : Fixed bug selecting or moving a backdrop when zoomed out in the GraphEditor, where drag-resizing the top edge was incorrectly being given precedence.

  • CDL : Fixed handling of values for the direction plug. Previously, OCIO::TransformDirection enum values were being used directly as plug values, but OpenColorIO 2 broke compatibility by changing the enum. A new GafferImage::CDL::Direction enum provides stable values for use in the CDL.direction plug, insulating Gaffer from future changes.

  • ViewPlugValueWidget :

    • Fixed bug which caused images to be evaluated in the wrong context.

    • Fixed error handling bug which could prevent the NodeEditor from building.

  • CropWindowTool :

    • Fixed bug which caused images to be evaluated in the wrong context.

    • Fixed bug handling images with non-default views.

  • Cycles : Fixed rendering with a non-default crop window.

  • Arnold : Fixed handling of closure shader connections in USD materials exported from Maya.


  • Cortex : Updated to