• ImageScatter : Added a new node for scattering points across an image, with density controlled by an image channel.


  • Viewer : Changed the default image comparison (wipe) mode from Over to Replace.

  • Spreadsheet :

    • Popups for string cells and row names are now sized to fit their column.

    • Added “Triple” and “Quadruple” width options to the spreadsheet row name popup menu.

  • Node : Improved performance when casting Python-derived types to ComputeNode.


  • ValuePlug : Fixed performance regression (introduced in getting values from plugs without an input connection. This could severely affect scene generation times in some cases.

  • NameSwitch : Fixed bug which prevented drag and drop reordering of rows with an input connection.

  • PythonEditor :

    • Fixed output for print() calls with multiple arguments, which was previously spread across multiple lines.

    • Fixed bug that prevented editors being destroyed at the right time.

  • FileSystemPath : Fixed bug on Windows where paths on an exFAT partition were not considered valid.


  • Sampler : Added populate() method, which populates the internal tile cache in parallel, and subsequently allows sample() to be called concurrently.