• Improved SceneReader UI with right click menu for toggling tags on and off in the tags and sets plugs.


  • Fixed bug with references containing non-default plug values (#844).


  • Added preliminary support for sets (#92).

    • Added a Set node. This allows users to manage sets of named locations (with optional wildcards) as part of their graph flow.

    • Replaced “gaffer:forwardDeclarations” globals entry with a private set named “__lights”.

    • Updated hierarchy modifying nodes to also modify sets to keep them in sync with the hierarchy.

    • Implemented loading of tags as sets in SceneReader.

    • An upcoming release will contain a SetFilter for actually making the sets useful.

  • Added a FreezeTransform node (#822).


  • Fixes IPR bug where shaders could leak onto the wrong objects.


  • Typedefed PathMatcherData into GafferScene namespace.

  • Optimised PathMatcher (the underlying data structure for sets).

  • Replaced GafferScene::Render base class with RendererAlgo.h header.

  • Simplified Executable nodes and tidied up implementation, in preparation for actually integrating Despatchers properly.