• Viewer :

    • Added standard Top, Front and Side orthographic cameras, accessible from the Camera menu (#4523).

    • Clicking on the gnomon now toggles between the standard orthographic cameras and the perspective camera.

  • CameraTool : The “dolly” operation (Alt+right-drag) no longer moves orthographic cameras (or distant lights) along their Z axis. This was confusing, as there was no visual feedback in the viewer due to the nature of the projection. Instead, dollying is disabled until such a time as the CameraTool can make appropriate aperture edits in the node graph.

  • Spreadsheet : Improved drag and drop of lists of strings. Shift may now be held to add to the current list, and Control may be held to remove from the current list (#3894). This is particularly useful when a PathFilter has been added to a spreadsheet.

  • USD :

    • Added support for SdfAssetPath attributes, which are now loaded as StringData attributes containing the resolved asset path.

    • Improved loading speed for stages where the same material is bound to many prims. This gives a 10x improvement when loading the Moana Island scene.


  • GraphEditor : Fixed active-branch-highlighting bug, where newly created GraphEditors wouldn’t update correctly until the focus node was set again.

  • Spreadsheet : Fixed attempts to edit non-editable plugs when double-clicking on a boolean cell.

  • MessageWidget : Modified so that we no longer trigger UI updates while handling messages. This fixes some weird behaviour in rare cases when UI elements were evaluated in the wrong context.

  • ResamplePrimitiveVariables : Fixed vertex-to-varying and varying-to-vertex resampling of V2f primitive variables on CurvesPrimitives.

  • Arnold : Fixed rendering of curves with V2f vertex primitive variables.

  • USD : Fixed loading of materials containing shaders with exposed inputs.


  • SpreadsheetUI : Added addColumnButtonMenuSignal(), which can be used to customise the column creation menu for spreadsheets.

  • TextGadget :

    • Added Python binding for setDimmed().

    • Added missing getDimmed() accessor.

  • Pointer : Added add and remove pointers for use with setCurrent().

  • MessageWidget : We no longer update the UI immediately when a message is emitted on the UI thread. If you have a slow process that you want to receive messages from interactively, you should run it on a background thread (perhaps using BackgroundTaskDialogue). If you have old code that runs something slow on the UI thread, it will still run, but you will only see messages from it once it finishes.

  • ViewportGadget :

    • Added const overloads of getCenterOfInterest() and getMaxPlanarZoom(). The non-const versions will be removed in a future version.

    • Added setTumblingEnabled() and getTumblingEnabled() methods.

    • Added setDollyingEnabled() and getDollyingEnabled() methods.

    • cameraChangedSignal() is now emitted by setCenterOfInterest() in addition to setCamera() and setCameraTransform().


  • Cortex : Updated to version