• SceneReader : Added transform plug, allowing caches to be positioned without needing a separate Transform node (#2792).


  • SubGraph : Fixed crash bug in correspondingInput(). This typically manifested itself as a crash when trying to delete or cut a box (#2796).

  • FileMenu : Added confirmation dialogue for “Revert to Saved”, and added proper error reporting for loading errors (#2735, #2794).

  • SetUI/FilteredSceneProcessorUI : Fixed bugs dealing with ArrayPlug inputs. These were most visible as errors when working with the CopyAttributes node (#2785).

  • File Browser : Fixed crash when pointed at files with strange permissions. (#2800).

  • GraphEditor : Fixed hangs when framing backdrops (#2801).


  • Added “Anatomy of a Scene” article (#2787).


  • ParallelAlgo : Refactored callOnUIThread() internals (#2786).