• Viewer : Improved clipping plane “Fit …” command logic to avoid clipping the scene when dollying in, or bad framing using f.

  • Spreadsheet :

    • Fixed bug with column name text input dialog.

    • Fixed problems when adding or removing columns on promoted spreadsheets.

    • Fixed plug promotion via BoxIO.promote().

  • TransformTool : Fixed editing of transforms specified by promoted Spreadsheets.

  • GraphGadget : Fixed bug which could cause a node to be shown under the wrong parent when its gadget type was changed.

  • USD : Added workaround for custom builds which omit the pxr.Usd Python module. In this case USD support will be disabled.

  • NumericWidget : Fixed bug that caused an exception to be raised if the up/down keys were pressed in a NumericWidget when the widget’s value was empty.