• Catalogue : Added Ctrl-D shortcut to duplicate selected images (#3545).

  • Viewer :

    • Added Ctrl-D shortcut to duplicate currently viewed image when viewing the output of Catalogue node (#3545).

    • Added enabled/reset controls to the Crop Window Tool.

    • Improved display of the edited plug in the Inspector’s pop-up edit windows.


  • Viewer :

    • Fixed bug preventing the Inspector from finding shaders when assigned via a Switch.

    • Fixed bug that caused the wrong plug to be edited by the Inspector with nested EditScopes.

    • Fixed bug that prevented selecting an Edit Scope that contained other Edit Scopes.

    • Fixed bug that caused an exception when simultaneously editing multiple plugs the Inspector.

  • Box : Fixed GIL management bug that could cause hangs when promoting a plug.

  • SetFilter : Added missing set expression operators to node reference/tooltip.

  • UIEditor : Fixed bug which allowed the creation of non-selectable presets.

  • EditScopes : Fixed crash in EditScope::processors() if intermediate nodes had no corresponding input.

  • ShaderAssignment : Fixed bug in shader plug connection acceptance that could cause crashes at shutdown.


  • EditScopeUI : Added support for listing user nodes in the Edit Scope navigation menu when their editScope:includeInNavigationMenu metadata entry is set to True.

  • CropWindowTool : Added plug() and enabledPlug() methods to return the currently edited plugs or nullptr.