• Added Bookmarks API for storing Path bookmarks by application, path type, and category (#55)
  • Configs can define custom bookmarks on startup (https://github.com/ImageEngine/gaffer/wiki/Custom-Bookmarks)
  • Parameters can specify the bookmarks category with a [“UI”][“bookmarksCategory”] user data entry
  • Support in the gui, browser, and op apps
  • Support in File menu, PathChooserDialogue, PathChooserWidget, PathParameter, PathVectorParameter, RenderMan shader parameter, Box, and Reference node UIs
  • Added Style::changedSignal()
  • Added Window set/getIcon and setting GafferLogoMini as the default window icon
  • Added TextWidget set/getPreferredCharacterWidth methods
  • Fixed ParameterisedHolder parameterChanged() crashes
  • Fixed Widget.bound() on OS X
  • Fixed some bugs with null plugs in Box’s plug promotion methods


  • Fixed GLSL shaders used by the UI for OpenGL 2.1 (requires Cortex 8.0.0-a23)
  • Fixed OpenGL drawing when embedded in Houdini (requires Cortex 8.0.0-a22)


  • Added ColorSwatchPlugValueWidget (#625)
  • Added new Gaffer logos (though only using them for window icons currently)
  • Increased preferred width of PathWidgets (#515)
  • Improved PathChooserDialogue handling of invalid selections (#628)
  • Fixed Dialogue positioning and focussing on Linux (#220, #642, #62)
  • Fixed SectionedCompoundDataPlugValueWidget child widget bugs (#588)
  • Fixed Timeline start/end field sizing bug (#111)


  • Added DeleteAttributes node and AttributeProcessor base class (#587)
  • Fixed PrimitiveVariableProcessor::affects()


  • Fixed RenderManShader.acceptsInput() crash


  • Added closure parameter support to OSLShader