• Instancer : Added support for generating procedural variation via context variables.
    • Time offsets for animation.
    • Seeds for randomisation.
    • Arbitrary context variables driven by primitive variables.


  • FrameMask : Improved performance when dealing with long frame ranges.
  • Node : Improved performance of type queries related to dispatch processes.
  • FilterResults :
    • Added outStrings plug, which provides the result converted to a list of strings.
    • Improved performance of hash.
  • PrimitiveInspector : Improved responsiveness by performing work in the background instead of locking the UI.
  • Graph Editor : Prevented zooming in so far you can’t see nodes.
  • FileMenu : Increased the maximum number of items in the “Open Recent” menu to 25.
  • StringPlug : Improved accuracy of hashes for strings not containing substitutions.


  • Layouts : Fixed broken keyboard shortcuts in floating editors.
  • EventLoop : Fixed potential problem with UI thread execution.


  • SceneAlgo : Added matchingPathsHash() function.
  • ViewportGadget : Added setMaxPlanarZoom() and getMaxPlanarZoom() methods to limit zooming in.