• USDLayerWriter : Added a new node for baking the difference between two Gaffer scenes into a minimal USD layer on disk.
  • USDAttributes : Added a new node for setting USD’s kind and purpose.


  • Light Editor : Added support for editing visualisation attributes of lights.
  • CameraTweaks : Added Create mode. This should be used in preference to Replace mode when the parameter may not exist.
  • PathFilter : Added the ability to select scene locations from currently selected filter entries.


  • SceneWriter : Fixed bug which caused sibling locations to be reordered.
  • ShaderQuery :
    • Fixed error ShaderQuery : "outPlug" is missing when promoting a child plug of a query to a Spreadsheet.
    • Adding a child plug of a query to a Spreadsheet now uses the default name for the spreadsheet column.
  • Spreadsheet : Fixed missing Remove TweakPlug mode presets.
  • SceneAlgo : Fixed attributeHistory() results involving an AttributeTweaks node with localise enabled.


  • EditScopeAlgo : Added support for editing attributes.
  • TweakPlug : Added Create mode.
  • VectorDataWidget : Added dataMenuSignal for constructing the context menu. Classes can add their own slots to this signal to modify the context menu. Derived classes should use it in favor of _contextMenuDefinition().