• Fixed ordering of GAFFER_STARTUP_PATHS, so that custom scripts can override Gaffer’s built in configuration files (#1752).


  • Set
    • Added support for modifying multiple sets with a single node, by entering multiple names separated by spaces (#1748).


  • ArnoldRender node now uses the same backend as the InteractiveArnoldRender node. Rendering is now performed directly in Gaffer rather than using a procedural (#1755).
  • ArnoldShader ( #1758)
    • Added support for BYTE and UINT input parameters and VECTOR and POINT output types.
  • Added support for crop windows, overscan and resolution multipliers (#1744).


  • Fixed compilation of GafferAppleseed with GCC 5 (#1757).


  • Made IECorePreview module private (#1731).
  • Changed default orientation of environment light visualiser (#1749).
  • Fixed SceneAlgo::camera() when “option:render:camera” is “”.


  • Made IECoreScenePreview private.
  • ArnoldRender node no longer has a verbosity plug.
  • Changed default orientation of environment light visualiser.