• Bookmarks (#2873) :

    • Added Ctrl+B shortcut to quickly navigate to a bookmark in any editor.

    • Added bookmarks to pinning icon context menu.

  • TransformTool (#2850) :

    • Added status widget with information about what is being edited (#2753).

    • Added support for transforming an ancestor location if the selected location is not movable. This is particularly convenient for transforming the output of a SceneReader node.

  • Wrapper : Added GAFFER_EXTENSION_PATHS environment variable for easy configuration of 3rd party extensions (#2868).

  • StandardOptions : Added a depthOfField enable toggle (default off) (#2890).

  • Camera/CameraTweaks : Added a depthOfField render override (#2890).


  • GUI Config : Fixed layout registration bug that caused the standard layouts to be copied into the user preferences. This caused problems running older Gaffer versions and broke the saving of custom layouts (#2891).

  • Cameras : Fixed on-by-default depth of field rendering for cameras with an fStop specified. In particular this affected cameras imported to Gaffer via Alembic. The depthOfField plug on the StandardOptions node must now be used to turn depth of field on explicitly (#2890).

  • Arnold metadata : Added missing metadata for Arnold 5.2 shader parameters (#2883).

  • TransformTool (#2850) :

    • Fixed attempts to edit read-only plugs inside References.

    • Fixed Selection::scene so that it doesn’t refer to internal plugs of the tool.

  • Menus : Fixed search widget focus styling on Mac (#2873).

  • Clipboard : Fixed bug that meant Gaffer’s clipboard was not synchronised with the system clipboard on startup (#2878).

  • Instancer : Fixed division by zero bug (#2886).

  • Switch : Fixed overzealous dirty propagation. These could cause unnecessary viewer and/or interactive render updates (#2859).


  • Tool : Made view() method public (#2850).

  • GraphComponent : Added default value for commonAncestor() type (#2850).

  • Menu : Fixed position of search widget when menu has title (#2873).

  • Editor : Editors now grab keyboard focus on enter. This makes it easier to add custom shortcuts from extension code (#2873).

  • CompoundEditor : Added nodeSetMenuSignal(), used for customising the context menu for the pinning icon (#2873).


  • Added VDB_LIB_SUFFIX option (#2889).