Executes task nodes such as ImageWriters, SystemCommands and Render nodes from within a .gfr file. This is used by Gaffer’s dispatchers when executing nodes in a background process or on a render farm, but can also be used to perform a manual execution from the command line.

Example usage :

gaffer execute -script comp.gfr -nodes ImageWriter -frames 1-10


Prints names and descriptions of each parameter rather than running the application.


The maximum number of threads used for computation. The default value of zero causes the number of threads to be chosen automatically based on the available hardware.


If this is specified, then the application is run using the cProfile profiling module, and the results saved to the file for later examination.


The script to execute.


Causes errors which occur while loading the script to be ignored. Not recommended.


The names of the nodes to execute. If not specified then all executable nodes will be found automatically.


The frames to execute. The default value executes the current frame as stored in the script.


The Context used during execution. Note that the frames parameter will be used to vary the Context frame entry.