• ArnoldAttributes : Added Displacement section with plugs for controlling Arnold’s disp_autobump and autobump_visibility parameters.


  • GraphEditor : The Dot created when you Ctrl+click on a connection is now selected automatically, so it can be repositioned by an immediate drag.
  • MetadataAlgo : Numeric bookmarks are no longer loaded inside nodes with childNodesAreReadOnly metadata, to prevent them “stealing” bookmarks from other nodes. Previously this only applied to nodes inside References.
  • Reference :
    • Moved the childNodesAreReadOnly metadata registration to the Gaffer module, so it applies even without GafferUI being imported.
    • Prevented childNodesAreReadOnly metadata baked into a referenced file from overriding the Reference node’s own metadata.

Breaking Changes

  • ArnoldDisplacement : Deprecated the autoBump plug, use ArnoldAttributes.autoBump instead.


  • Updated to GafferHQ/dependencies 3.1.0 :
    • Fixed missing ssl module in Python 3 builds.
    • USD : Enabled OpenVDB support.
  • Added BOOST_PYTHON_LIB_SUFFIX option. This matches the approach used in Cortex.