• PrimitiveVariableQuery : Added new node to query multiple primitive variables from a scene location.

    • Each query specifies the name and type of the primitive variable

    • Each query has a corresponding output plug with exists, interpolation, type and value child plugs.


  • ArnoldOptions : Added support for texture_use_existing_tx, texture_auto_generate_tx and texture_auto_tx_path.

  • Arnold : Added support for attributes containing InternedStringData, as would be obtained by loading token primvars from a USD file.

  • Random : Added the outFloat plug to the NodeEditor, and moved output plugs into their own Outputs section.


  • Arnold :

    • Fixed deletion of ai:transform_type attribute during interactive renders. The object now reverts to the default transform type in this case.

    • Fixed broken Viewer after Arnold encountered an error (such as a missing texture).

    • Fixed Tools/Arnold/Flush Cache not working when no interactive renders are running.


  • TypedObjectPlug : Added V2fVectorDataPlug and V3iVectorDataPlug.

  • PlugAlgo : Added support for V2iVectorData, V3fVectorData and Color3fVectorData types in canSetValueFromData() and setValueFromData() functions.

  • VectorDataPlugValueWidget : Added support for V2iVectorData and Color3fVectorData plug types.