A video walkthrough of the tutorial at

Interactive lookdev with appleseed inside Gaffer

Appleseed - Interactive lookdev with appleseed inside Image Engine's Gaffer (update #2) from Appleseedhq on Vimeo.

Latest improvements in Appleseed interactivity.

Appleseed - Interactive lookdev with appleseed inside Image Engine's Gaffer from Appleseedhq on Vimeo.

Update showing the latest progress of the appleseed/gaffer integration, with a focus on interactive rendering.

FMX 2014 - Gaffer - Exploring and rendering the exploding Droid from Elysium from Cortex on Vimeo.

We reconstructed the lookdev for the exploding Droid from Elysium inside of Gaffer. This video demonstrates navigation of a complex scene hierarchy, interactive preview rendering through 3delight, tweaking shaders and light positions live, and finally slapping the render over the original plate. The droid has approximately 2 million polygons and 150 gb of textures.

Gaffer - Reading Alembic files and rendering through Arnold from Cortex on Vimeo.

Gaffer supports Alembic caches as input files, allowing for animated geometry and hierarchies to be read in from the wide range of applications that export to Alembic. As Gaffer has a timeline and 3d viewer it could be used as a simple Alembic cache inspection/preview tool.

Gaffer also has basic Arnold rendering support, and in this video we show renders being sent to the Gaffer display, the creation of lights and some very basic shader-network construction.

Gaffer - Demonstration of 2D image viewing and processing from Cortex on Vimeo.

This video shows a quick preview of some of Gaffer's current 2D viewing and processing capabilities.We demonstrate panning and zooming, scrubbing/stepping through frames, colour inspecting, grading, and enabling/disabling nodes. Images courtesty of Blender Foundation |

Gaffer - Exporing a complex animation scene from Cortex on Vimeo.

Courtesy of the Blender Foundation | and the Big Buck Bunny project we have a sample .scc scene cache file available for users to try out in Gaffer. It is available to download from this site and we give a quick tour around in the above video.

DigiPro 2013 - Gaffer - Scene hierarchy from Cortex on Vimeo.

A quick run through of some of the scene exploration techniques.

DigiPro 2013 - Gaffer - Shader Palettes from Cortex on Vimeo.

Example showing a custom shader authoring interface derived from Gaffer.

DigiPro 2013 - Gaffer - Experimental Maya integration from Cortex on Vimeo.

An experiment demonstrating how Gaffer could be embedded in Maya, pulling info from Maya to populate the scene.